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South Sudan – Yau Yau rebels demand new state in Jonglei

Sudan Tribune
Yau Yau rebels demand new state in Jonglei

March 23, 2014 (ADDIS ABABA) – Yau Yau rebel group has demanded to establish a new state for the Murle tribe in South Sudan to better protect their pasture land and herds of livestock in the immense Jonglei state.

Delegation from the South Sudanese government and David Yau Yau rebel group resumed the South Sudanese church brokered peace talks in the Ethiopian capital on Thursday with observers from the European Union (EU) and United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The chief negotiator of the rebel South Sudan Democratic Movement – Cobra Faction (SSDM-Cobra faction), Gen. Khalid Burtous, demanded to create a new state in the current Pipbor county in Jonglei state and to establish a development funds for the area.

Since the independence of South Sudan the Murle clashed several times with the Lou Nuer who share the same pasture and water sources. In 2012 and 2013 hundreds of Murle were killed during tribal clashes and other thousands fled the region to protect their lives.

The Murles, like other minority groups, say that their interests are not being represented within the new nation of South Sudan which declared its independence in July 2011.

The government delegation in its response to the rebel demands, on Friday, proposed to create additional counties in the greater Pibor County and to maintain the current boundary of the county as it was on the January 1, 1956.

The head of the government negotiating team, Canon Clement Janda, said the current Payams and Bomas in Pibor county can be upgrade into full county administration, provided that county creation set forth in the South Sudan Local Government Act. 2009 is adhered to.

Janda further said the governance structure shall be established with a Chief Administrator and his Two (2) assistants, adding that this chief administrator shall appoint commissioners to the newly established counties.

He further said that the government will taken into consideration the demand for development fund and pledged to file a proposal for establishment of a special development fund to be administrated by a body headed by a coordinator within the office of the president of the republic.

The chief mediator, Bishop Paride Taban adjourned the talks to Monday announcing that the rebel delegation will give its position on the government proposal on Monday.

The SSDM Cobra-faction, was a faction of the SSDM which was established in 2010 by the late general George Athor.

Like Athor, Yau Yau rebelled against South Sudan’s ruling party after losing the 2010 elections to represent the Gumuruk–Boma constituency in Pibor county at the Jonglei state assembly.

In 2011, the trained pastor signed a peace deal with the government and joined the South Sudanese army (SPLA) and was made a General despite his lack of military experience.

However, Yau Yau rebelled again in April 2012. He blamed the government for halting the disarmament process after collecting arms from his former fighters, as they remained exposed to attacks by the other ethnic groups, particularly the Lou Nuer.
Bishop Paride Taban (C) appluads as the signing of a peace deal between South Sudan government and SSDM/A Cobra Faction rebels in Addis Ababa, January 30, 2014 (Photo: Larco Lomayat)



Dozens killed in “cattle vendetta” in South Sudan


Gunmen have killed at least 51 people – mostly women and children – in the latest clashes in South Sudan’s troubled Jonglei state, regional governor Kuol Manyang has said.




At least 22 others were injured after attackers raided and burned the village of Duk Padiet, he added.

The wounded have been evacuated to Juba, the capital, he said.

A series of retaliatory attacks between ethnic groups in the region has displaced tens of thousands of people.

“We are expecting more to be injured because they ran to the villages last night,” Mr Manyang said.

Officials told AFP news agency the killings were carried out by the Murle group on ethnic Dinkas, as revenge for a deadly raid last month on the town of Pibor.

It is understood that some Dinkas accompanied some 6,000 Lou Nuer warriors who attacked Pibor.  Read more…

UN aid effort for displaced in South Sudan


Aid groups are mounting a “major emergency operation” in rural South Sudan after tribe-on-tribe violence sent tens of thousands of people fleeing and killed an unknown number of people, the UN said.



The UN says that three whole villages were burned to the ground and aid groups have evacuated 140 people who were wounded.

Lise Grande, the UN’s humanitarian coordinator in South Sudan, said on Saturday that aid groups are respondingto a call for help from South Sudan’s central government.

A column of 6,000 armed men from the Lou Nuer ethnic group were reported to have marched into Pibor in Jonglei state to target the Murle community in late December and early January.

Neither the central government or the UN has been able to give a final death toll.

The Juba-based central government says it is launching an investigation. A government official in Jonglei has said that thousands of people were killed but that number has not been corroborated.  Read more…

UN says “no evidence” of mass killings in South Sudan

Mail and Guardian

The UN’s top official in South Sudan on Saturday said “no evidence” had been found of reported mass killings but warned that 60 000 people were in urgent need of aid.

Hilde Johnson, UN Special Representative for South Sudan, said reports that over 3 000 people were killed last week when thousands of armed youths attacked the Pibor region of Jonglei state appeared to be a false alarm.

“Importantly, we found no evidence that support those numbers,” she said following a visit to affected areas where up to 8 000 rampaging armed youths set homes on fire and forced thousands to flee.

In a dramatic escalation of bitter tit-for-tat attacks, a militia army from the Lou Nuer tribe last week marched on Pibor, home to the rival Murle people, whom they blame for abductions and cattle raiding.

It was still not clear on Saturday how many people had died but with as many as a third of all thatch huts set on fire in targeted areas, some 60 000 people were in desperate need of help, Johnson added.  Read more…

UN says South Sudan attack by Lou Nuer repelled


Thousands of youths from a South Sudanese ethnic group which attacked a rival community, reportedly killing at least 150 people, have been repelled by government troops, the UN says.



The UN’s humanitarian co-ordinator in the region, Lise Grande, says 6,000 members of the Lou Nuer ethnic group have left the besieged town of Pibor.

The clashes took place between the Lou Nuer and their rivals, the Murle.

The fighting follows long-running disputes over cattle raids.  Read more…

Thousands flee fighting in South Sudan


Tens of thousands of villagers in South Sudan are hiding in the bush, waiting for UN and government troops to stop a tribal conflict, which officials fear may have left scores of people dead over the weekend.
Armed youths from the Lou Nuer tribe marched on the remote town of Pibor in Jonglei state, home to the rival Murle people, who they blame for cattle raiding.

“The situation is tense as the Lou Nuer are still around Pibor,” Isaac Ajiba, Jonglei’s information minister, said on Monday.

Thatched huts have been burned and, according to Parthesarathy Rajendran, the head of Doctors without Borders (known by its French name Medicines sans Frontieres, or MSF) in South Sudan, thousands have been displaced, including his own staff.

“Many of our staff are in the bush and we also heard an MSF clinic has been damaged and looted,” he told Al Jazeera.

“MSF is the only medical health care in the whole region, and the population is very vulnerable for all kinds of medical issues. So we are very concerned about those fleeing into the bush. They don’t have access to water, medical care or food.”

The government and the UN, which has warned the violence could lead to a “major tragedy”, were strengthening their forces in the area.
“We are worried about their conditions. They are without water, shelter and food. They are hiding in the bush. I think it is between 20,000 and 50,000. This is an estimate only,” Lise Gande, UN humanitarian co-ordinator for South Sudan, told the Reuters news agency.

Grande said on Sunday that the number of government forces heading to Pibor was estimated at 3,000 troops and 800 police.  Read more…

UN warns S Sudanese to flee vendetta


The United Nations has warned villagers in South Sudan to flee from advancing fighters from a rival ethnic group.

Armed Lou Nuer youths




Fighters from the Lou Nuer ethnic group are pursuing members of the Murle group, reports say, as a deadly vendetta over cattle raiding continues.

Tens of thousands of Murle fled the town of Pibor after it came under attack from the Lou Nuer on Saturday.

The BBC’s East Africa correspondent Will Ross says some Lou Nuer fighters remain in Pibor but many have left.

About 1,000 people have been killed in recent months as reprisal attacks over cattle raids have escalated.  Read more…