ANC to take Zuma painting fight to the streets

Mail and Guardian

The battle to censor the controversial “Spear” painting looks set to be fought on the streets as the ANC rallied its supporters to mass action.

On Thursday, barely minutes after the South Gauteng High Court postponed the interdict hearing on the art piece indefinitely, ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe called on party supporters to stage a march on the Goodman Gallery on Tuesday and to boycott the City Press newspaper.

  • Read the ANC and Zuma heads of argument here. (PDF)
  • Read Duduzile Zuma’s heads of argument here (PDF)
  • Read City Press heads of argument here (PDF)
  • Read the Goodman Gallery and Brett Murray heads of argument here (PDF) 

“The message that comes through to us is that we will not win in court what we have not won in the streets. Quite clearly battle lines are drawn.

“This is not a battle for just that painting, it is a battle about domination and subjugation.  Read more.,..

One response to “ANC to take Zuma painting fight to the streets

  1. Neelika Jayawardane

    “Aesthetics of the Phallus” by Neelika Jayawardane, at AFRICA’S A COUNTRY

    Zuma has successfully built a presidency playing the victim card repeatedly, and the ANC Youth League and Women’s League have routinely acted as joint ringmasters, creating fireworks and spectacles that distract from pressing daily challenges faced by many (I’ll take a risk and say that it is, in fact, most) who came out in support of Zuma: the absence of service delivery, systematic gender violence, and lack of access to basic education (not to mention corruption, nepotism, cronyism and a general culture that encourages poor governance practices). Lately, however, it looked as though the gig was up for Zuma; but then, along came the Burning Spear.

    Achille Mbeme, in On the Postcolony, reminds us that vulgar humour that makes reference to the commandement’s misbehaving body is an expression of the public’s apprehension of that power—and an attempt to take it down a notch. In turn, attempts to shut down the recognition of the “body royale” as a “real” body is also an attempt to construct it as untouchable, powerful, and sacred.

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