Zille says DA will take two provinces from ANC in elections

Mail and Guardian

The DA are confident they will snatch two more provinces from the ANC in the coming general elections, leader Helen Zille has said.

DA’s Helen Zille

Recent results were encouraging that the DA would snatch Gauteng and the Northern Cape from the ANC, Zille said speaking in Polokwane during the party’s provincial elective congress.

“People who do not learn from history are bound to repeat the same mistakes, and we will make a big mistake if we feel that we are superior and incapable of making the same mistake that the ANC made.”

Zille said the ANC’s mistake started in 2007 by the Polokwane conference where President Jacob Zuma was elected. She said the outcome of the election was a fast route and shortcut to the fall of the ANC.

It would be a mistake if the DA doesn’t learn from the ANC’s failures and if the DA thinks it is superior and incapable of making mistakes, said Zille. Read more…

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