Libya – BBC says tribal clashes kill 150 in Zintan area


Recent tribal clashes in western Libya left 105 people dead and some 500 injured, the government has said.

Libya is awash with arms

Government spokesman Nasser al-Manaa said there had been no fighting in the mountainous area since Monday, following the deployment of the army.

The area includes the towns of Zintan, Mizdah and Shegayga, some 150km (90 miles) south of the capital Tripoli.

The week-long clashes were seen as a test for Libya’s new government, which has struggled to assert its authority.

The fighting was mainly between fighters from Zintan, backed by another tribe known as the Guntrara from Mizdah, and armed members of the Mashashya tribe based in Shegayga, the BBC’s Rana Jawad in Tripoli says.

Tensions date from the Gaddafi-era, when one tribe was given land expropriated from another, our correspondent says.  Read more…

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