Zimbabwe – ZANU-PF fighting to change MDC agreed constitution

Zimbabwe Independent

Faith Zaba

BATTLE LINES are drawn over the latest Copac draft constitution, with Zanu PF trying to force wholesale amendments to the document while the two MDC parties endorsed it without changes.
In a move that threatens to further derail the troubled constitution-making process that has so far gobbled more than US$45 million and is about two years behind schedule, Zanu PF has rejected many sections of the draft and is pushing to rewrite certain clauses to ensure presidential powers remain largely intact.
In some sections Zanu PF is pushing for changes that will introduce new issues and in other areas where presidential powers have been diluted it wants them restored.
The MDC parties have made it clear the draft is a negotiated document which won’t be revised.
While the parties are battling with internal divisions over the draft, the struggle will also be fought amongst the parties at principal level, the second stakeholders’ conference and in parliament.
The parties will also face-off with civil society groups that have criticised the process, arguing it was not inclusive and inherently flawed.
Civil society is demanding an explanation as to why Zanu PF and the two MDCs wasted US$45 million on an outreach programme only to negotiate the document and plagiarise the rejected 2000 draft, Kariba draft and the current constitution, among others.
President Robert Mugabe and his allies, through the politburo, are demanding far-reaching changes to the draft constitution, which include the preamble, national objectives and foundations, the history and legacy of the liberation struggle, public administration, public finance, tiers of government, devolution and appointment of provincial governors. Read more…

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