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Digital drum helps computer literacy and health campaigns in Africa

Africa The Good News

A homegrown information and communication technology innovation has made it onto Time Magazine’s list of the top 50 inventions in the world for 2011.

The world’s largest weekly news magazine cited South Africa’s Digital Drum, jointly developed by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the UN Children’s Fund (Unicef), on its prestigious list.

The Digital Drum, built for the Ugandan market, is a computer system that gives people access to information on issues such as health and education.

Based on existing technology

The Digital Drum is closely based on another CSIR invention known as the Digital Doorway. The main difference is that the former is housed in a discarded oil drum.

The Digital Doorway is a robust standalone computer system developed to promote computer literacy and provide information on a range of subjects.

The content includes the OpenOffice productivity suite; educational games and programs; an introduction to computer terminology; scientific software; 10 000 ebooks from project Gutenberg; a snapshot of Wikipedia; Mindset curriculum-based educational content; interactive science simulations and numerous other applications for children and adults.

The digital drum has two work stations, with content adapted from the standard Digital Doorway suite.  Read more…