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S Africa – police use bulldozers to destroy homes in Lenasia


LENASIA, South Africa (AP) — Police with bulldozers destroyed homes in a South African township that authorities say were constructed on illegally sold land, despite efforts by protesters to stop the demolition.


Witnesses said a mother and her baby were removed from their house Friday just before it was smashed to pieces.

The department of housing says the houses spread around Lenasia, 30 kilometers (20 miles) southwest of Johannesburg, were built on illegally sold land. About 7 houses had been demolished by midday on Friday, bringing to about 44 the number of houses destroyed since last week. The provincial government says 113 were illegally built.

Hundreds gathered to watch the destruction on streets littered with signs of protest from the morning, including remains of burned tires and makeshift barricades of bricks and logs. ap